Sun Wah Foods Ltd.

Sun Wah Foods Ltd. is a Vancouver-based Asian food importing and wholesaling company.  Our company is knowledgeable about Asian products, as well as the Asian product market and its trend in Canada and in Asia.  Sun Wah’s sales team has been in the grocery business in Canada for more than thirty years.  The Company carries more than two thousand products. The kinds of products that Sun Wah Foods Ltd. distributes ranges from dry products, and from staples such as rice, sauces and spices to ready-to-serve products such as snacks, instant noodles and canned foods.  The products that Sun Wah Foods Ltd. carries are imported from many Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Burma, and Singapore. The products and brands that Sun Wah Foods Ltd. carries meet the tastes of and preferences of many Asians such as Chinese (including people from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean. The products that we carry have found ready acceptance in many Asian markets.

Sun Wah Foods Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Western Canada for a number of recognized and popular brand names including:

  1. Pearl River Bridge Brand soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine & sauces
  2. Garden biscuits and candies
  3. October Fifth Bakery (Macau) cookies and pastries
  4. Ching Kee egg rolls & phoenix rolls
  5. Double Swallow Brand Kongmoon rice sticks and Star Swallow Dongguan rice sticks
  6. Fat Choy Brand dried mushroom, canned vegetables (Sole Distributorship Across Canada)
  7. Pagoda Brand mung bean vermicelli
  8. Great Wall Brand Maltose
  9. Companion vegetarian canned food
  10. Maling B2 canned food

Furthermore, Sun Wah Foods Ltd. is also a distributor of:

  1. Mazola Corn Oil & Kingsford Corn Starch
  2. Lee Kum Kee sauces
  3. Erawan Brand rice products.

Also, the brands we carry are authentic and genuine, not knock-off.

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Tel : 604-207-0083
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120-2771 Viscount Way.
Richmond, B.C.
Canada V6V 2X4

For local delivery, Sun Wah has a truck team; Sun Wah Foods Ltd. also distributes to cities outside British Columbia: Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto. With our professional sales team and our experience in this field, we trust that we will serve you in a satisfying manner.